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Designed to meet the needs of our clients.


Markley Enterprise, Inc. offers a variety of services to our clients ranging from design, top notch customer service and comprehensive inventory management.


Graphic Design

Bringing thought to life.

Markley offers our clients the opportunity to have an idea or concept developed into a working sample or display. Utilizing our in-house design staff and engineering capabilities, we take your idea from concept to completion. 

  • In-house design staff
  • Large format scanning
  • Prototype engineering
  • Complete system design
  • Pilot production runs

Inventory Management

On demand and hassle free.

Markley offers our clients a comprehensive on-demand warehouse and inventory management solution. Utilizing a dedicated facility with “cloud based” order fulfillment and inventory management, we are able to offer all order and inventory information via a secure internet connection any time, any place.

  • Orders centrally managed to reduce costs
  • Automated receiving and put-away process
  • Optimal inventory control
  • Error-free order fulfillment
  • Integrated shipping operations
  • Mobile computing